T-Shirt "Absolut Vogue" - black

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also available in white

With this "Absolut Vogue" T-Shirt from Nil&Mon collection “Spoof It“ the designer draws inspiration on well-known images and logos such as "Absolut Vodka" and creates a cunning version of it in friendly parody to its original meaning.

Take this season with some humour…with Nil&Mon Spoof Logo Shirts.

T-Shirt "Absolut Vogue" - black, classic fit, 100% Cotton, bottle/ice crystal applications, dry clean or handwash only

Made in Germany

Delivery time 2 - 4 working days 

#handmade #madewithlove

T-Shirt "Absolut Vogue" - black
T-Shirt "Absolut Vogue" - black (detail application)